We are an African Caribbean centred Foundation promoting our rich cultural Nubian heritage in all creative forms. We strive to showcase the authentic skills, experiences, talents and qualifications we are endowed with and aim to inspire all generations.




Performance arts, storytelling, poetry & singing

Cultural & spiritual African Caribbean folk songs Dance/Therapeutic (one to one or groups)

Complimentary Therapy

Celebrations & events

Arts & Craft display events

Healing, spiritual grounding & coaching

Exercise, walking group (health & fitness)

playwright (Radio & theatrical drama)

Public speaking, cultural speeches 


"To practice and promote our rich and unique heritage, past, present and future. That we light up spiritually, mentally and physically"

Founder's Aims & Vision

Jacqui (affectionately known as Jesse) is an experienced and well qualified community activist, performing artist, writer, poet, dancer and therapist. Jesse is a founding member of Unika Legacy Foundation that was born during the 1980's in the West Midlands, UK and the organisation has continued to be proactive nationally, remaining open to collaborative projects.











Unika Legacy has a flexibility that makes it equally as easy to work with individuals, agencies & organisations on projects, contracts or an ad hoc basis.

In conjunction with many years of 'on the job' experience our versatility means it is likely we can accommodate your needs, however example services inc':


           Pregnancy & Antenatal support                 Mental Health Support


           Holistic Complementary Therapy               Healing massage


           Walking group facilitator                         Dance & fitness facilitator



Experience & Qualifications

Community Family Work (B.A Hons); Doula Antenatal support (post grad diploma); Pregnancy Outreach Support (inc' Employment); Trained Breast Feeding (UNICEF); Mental Health Support (City & Guilds inc' Employment); Nursery Nurse (Diploma inc' Employment); Holistic Complementary Therapy (British School of Yoga); Healing Massage (Diploma); Holistic Diagnosis (Diploma).


Unika has a wealth of experience in the creative arts having performed nationwide for over two decades. As well as performance based creativity Unika Legacy has a host of unpublished and published plays, poems & stories including a play broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and a poem in the International Library of Poetry anthology. Our creative services are quite popular and can be integrated into arts projects or the workplace for e.g.


          Folklore, poetry & songs                             In schools 


          Singing or vocalist services                         Theatre & radio script development   



Experience & Qualifications

Media Techniques (C&G diploma); community Radio presenter; African Caribbean  services.


Just need some guidance? We can provide one to one advice & support on specific issues & consultancy based around any of our services! For example, how to create an authentic Jamaican environment in a theatrical or media production to something more personal such as spirtual grounding. For e.g some of our previous consultancy has involved:



          Spiritual Healing Coaching                         Brief & person centred counselling


          Health & Nutrition advisor                          Cultural & Traditional advice



Experience & Qualifications

Specialist in Community Family Support (BA Hons), Spiritual Healing Coaching (Diploma); Brief & person centred counselling (Diploma); Health and Nutrition advisor (inc' managing diabetes), Advice and support in vegetarian or (&) Caribbean cooking (inc' demos).



Unika Legacy founder Jesse is an accomplished public speaker with the experience and knowledgebase to expound upon a plethora of subjects i.e.


          Black History & Africa                                Poetry, Dance & Creative writing


           African Caribbean culture                          Spiritual & conciousness  


          Mental Health, Fitness & nutrition             Pregnancy & Antenatal   



Experience & Qualifications

Presentations on: Pregnancy Outreach; Health & Fitness; Caribbean cooking, African head-wrapping, spirit guides, the healing power of dance etc



Unika Legacy has a vast skillset that can be utilised for exhibition at events such as:


          Large Arts & Crafts collection                     African Headdress demonstrations


          Caribbean Cooking Demonstrations            Groundation Drumming & dancing



Experience & Qualifications

Exhibition work has spanned a vast number of years working with companies, councils & charities in a host of places from carnivals to the National Exhibition Centre.

Take a look at the image gallery on the media page for some visual examples of our exhibits.


Unika Products

Light Up Our Heritage

Unika Legacy offers a variety of products such as handmade jewellery, a wide range of arts and crafts, clothing and even food & drink products. Use the images below to contact us or visit our online store.

Unika Media

 Over the years Unika Legacy has built up an extensive catalogue documenting the types of work we do!

On this page you can find pictures, videos & audio relating to our activities both historical & current.

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Unika Legacy